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puppy kindergarten

Prerequisites: None    Duration: 8 weeks Age: 8 weeks - 6 months

The most critical developmental period of a dog's life occurs between 8 weeks and 4 months of age. During this window, we have the opportunity to shape the way a puppy thinks about and interacts with the world around them. In this course, you will learn all of the necessary skills to set your puppy up for success for the rest of their life.

Alaskan Malamute

In Basic Obedience, we will cover the foundation behaviors necessary for both house pets and working dogs. Each student will master basic cues such as name recognition, come, eye contact on cue, sit, down, stay, leave it, and more. We will also tackle mild behavioral issues such as inattention, leash pulling, and jumping up.

Prerequisites: None    Duration: 8 weeks Age: 6 months and up

basic obedience

Allie the Vizsla

intermediate obedience

Prerequisites: Puppy or Basic Obedience Duration: 8 weeks Age: 6 months and up

In this course, your dog will learn to respond to cues under distraction, around other people and dogs, at a distance, and in a variety of public locations. Intermediate cues, such as back up and front, will also be introduced. This course is divided into two levels. Students may attempt the CGC test at the end of level one.


Prerequisites: Intermediate Obedience Duration: 8 weeks Age: 6 months and up



Want to take your dog to wineries, farmer's markets, and pet friendly stores? During Community Canine, your dog will learn to walk nicely through high foot traffic areas, lay calmly at your feet through meals, stay engaged under heavy distraction, and more. The Community Canine (CGCA) test will be offered.

Happy Dog

advanced obedience

Prerequisites: Community Canine  Duration: 8 weeks Age: 8 weeks - 6 months

Looking to take your dog's skills to the next level? In Advanced Obedience, we will proof known cues under heavy distraction, at distances up to 60 feet, and in a variety of settings. Retrieves, automatic stays, and emergency stops will be mastered. This course will serve as a solid precursor to any sports you may hope to pursue.

Hunting Dog

Train your dog to walk at your side through outdoor malls, stay in place while you go into stores, and remain attentive and well mannered under all circumstances without ANY equipment in our Off-Leash Obedience course. If you want your dog's obedience to turn heads everywhere you go, this is definitely the course for you.

Prerequisites: Community Canine Duration: 8 weeks Age: 8 months and up

off-leash obedience

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