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Work one-on-one with a qualified, professional trainer to learn manners and obedience, address behavioral issues, or even work towards an obedience or trick dog title! Thanks to the wonders of technology, we are able to offer any of our in-person classes online, including group courses.

online classes

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how our online classes work

Learn new skills during weekly Skype calls with a professional trainer

Submit videos and get support from your trainer throughout the week

Follow practice guides and video tutorials in our online classroom

Take tests at the end of each course to prove proficiency


- Isn't it better to train in person?

We can actually teach you all the same skills via Skype. Here's how it works: your trainer will explain the skill, demonstrate with their own dog, and then have you try. From there, your trainer can help you improve technique and form.

- Don't you need to SEE my dog acting out?

We absolutely do not need to see the problem behavior in order to fix it. Your trainer has seen plenty of misbehaving dogs and has a very strong understanding of training principles and behavior modification. They will show you how to apply these skills to ANY problem behavior. Also, in order to fix a problem behavior, we need to reduce the PRACTICE of the behavior. Deliberately showing us the problem behavior may put you in harms way and would only encourage the practice of the behavior. We don't want either of those things.

- What if my dog struggles with interactions with

In these situations, we have you a) enlist the help of a friend or b) practice in areas where you're likely to encounter people or dogs. Recruited friends will be debriefed before the start of the session to ensure they understand their job, safety measures, and exit plans. Public parks, outdoor shopping centers, or outside of veterinary offices and pet stores are a few places we might have you practice as well.

people or dogs?

- What if I'm terrible with technology???

As long as you are able to open an email and click a link, we can direct you to a video tutorial that will show you how to use our online platforms. And if THAT sounds daunting, we would be happy to walk you through it over the phone. No worries!

- Is it really safe to train aggressive dogs this way?

At B.R.A.V.E. Dog Training LLC, safety is our top priority. Before attempting any work with an aggressive dog, we will make sure several safety measures are put in place. We will also make sure everyone involved in the training understands their role and has an exit plan. Lastly, all exercises will be carefully monitored and orchestrated by a qualified trainer.