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Do you enjoy showing off your dog's latest tricks to guests and family members? Perhaps you have a skittish dog that needs a confidence booster. Maybe you've done all the basics and want something to spice it up a bit! In our Trick Dog courses, we will learn some of the craziest tricks - from giving high fives to jumping into your arms. Each course will teach you and your dog everything you need to know to obtain one of five AKC Trick Dog titles, ranging from Novice (TKN) to Elite Performer (TKE). All Elite Performer students will perform in one of BRAVE Dog Training's BRAVE Dog Shows.

novice trick dog

Prerequisites: Puppy or Basic Obedience  Duration: 8 weeks Age: 4 months and up

PREVIEW: High Five, Spin, Give Kisses, Speak, Fetch, and more

intermediate trick dog

Prerequisites: Novice Trick Dog  Duration: 8 weeks Age: 6 months and up

PREVIEW: Roll Over, Wave Hello, Jump Through Handler's Circled Arms

advanced trick dog

Prerequisites: Intermediate Trick Dog  Duration: 8 weeks Age: 8 months and up

PREVIEW: Cover Eyes, Get Object From Fridge, Jump into Handler's Arms

trick dog performer

Prerequisites: Advanced Trick Dog  Duration: 8 weeks Age: 10 months and up

PREVIEW: Limp, Get in Suitcase & Close Lid, Sit Pretty While Holding Flag

trick dog elite perfomer

Prerequisites: Trick Dog Performer  Duration: 8 weeks Age: 12 months and up


akc trick dog courses